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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Really, I'm not all THAT political...

But these days, who can really say that? I heard on CBC that Canada is going to stop providing information on its residents to the U.S. because the Canadian government sees the Patriot Act as a threat to our civil liberties. Isn't it an odd idea that, in order to "protect" our country at large, we are being told to relinquish our individual rights to things like FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Can you say "Brave New World?"

I want to write about why going on a diet is one of the most highly political things you can do. I mean a true diet, where you eat less, eat healthy foods, eschew (ha-ha) fast foods, ignore "diet" and "lite" products (many of which contain ingredients like aspertame,which have been proven to INCREASE hunger!), spit on Dr. Phil and his blame-the-victim rants. And exercise, which is what really makes a diet work.

Why is taking control of your eating a political act? Because the folks who run Big Business are making lots of money keeping us fat.Bigger portions, greater perceived (felt) hunger makes them lots more money as we buy ever greater amounts of highly processed foods. Big, fat rumps need bigger furniture, bigger ice creambowls, and bigger cars (why,oh why, though,cannot our chubby rumps be adequately,attractively clothed?) Chubby, hungry people lack energy,and are sick more often (making the medical industry more and more money,making the diet industry more cash than ever.)

And if you look at history,you see that serious governmental changes have been the result of the agitation and fury of hungry people. Starving people,not those suffering from a slow metabolism due to constant overdoses of bacon-cheeseburgers. Eating the national diet of meat, grease and sugar starves us in a different way,because although we are fed constantly, we are never actually nourished.

I'm really not a political person. After November 4, I expect to write about the beauty of Ray Price's ballads, sushi nightmares, poetry, and my cat.

But for the next few days, I guess I will think of things political,if only because I fear for our real freedoms; not the ones they tell us are freedoms (you know, to drive a vehicle so big that you can't see where you're going,or the freedom to stuff ourselves with anti-food that tastes so good and leaves us hungry). I mean the freedom to complain vociferously about the publicly immoral acts of our "leaders", to refuse to be lied to, to laugh and point at the naked guy in the aluminum-foil crown.

Oh, yeah, the pix I wanted to post can be found at bush/bush%20or%20chimp.jpg I'd post the image, but my new ISP is a friggin' DIAL-UP and it's only connecting at 28.8.

Meanwhile,the moon has risen pumpkin-gold and has had a tough time dragging her own unashamedly chubby self out of the water of the cove. An hour later, she is lemon-yellow (the lemon from the 64 Crayolas box), and reflecting a shining ribbon. Now, she's a platinum coin, and when I look out the window upstairs, I see the water of the cove, with the moon set so perfectly inside, I feel a momentary dizzy shock, as if I have been turned on my head without even knowing it. The moon laughs at politics and sorrows tenderly over us poor, limited, gracelss creatures. She has seen it all before and knows...

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