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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Alone in Nova Scotia House

The Guy went to The City a couple of days ago, to make it big selling a fabulous new 3-D software. The Girl stayed in Nova Scotia House, tending the literal home fire,nearly setting said home on fire when a slightly-too-big log refused to enter the top-loading stove lid. The lid stuck open, smoke pouredout, followed by sparks.The Girl worked feverishly to hack the offending sliver from the log, which eventually crashed into the belly of the hungry beast, there to be consumed.

The Girl, sweaty, splintered, disheveled, besmudged, sighed, looking longingly at the half-filled (note the optimism) bottle of Gosling's. On the label,a black-etched seal balanced a puncheon of rum on his velvety nose. Black Bermuda Rum.Delicious. Then, she shook herself. It would not do to rework a client's website marketing plan while under the influence of the Black Seal...

20 cups of tea later, she finished her workday. It was 2 AM,and she was twitching with caffeine and sugar. The Guy had reported in at 10, speaking in loving tones of Thai food and the various amenities of Toronto. Tonight, he would watch TV before falling asleep. She envied his brief but decadent city lifestyle.

Cat-Boy had been playing truant, expressing his worried belief that the other male in the householded had absconded with the car. The car, Cat-Boy understands,is his link to tuna. He prefers it canned,not recognizing as food the rose-pink flesh of the sashimi they once brought home as a guilty offering. He likes his tuna grey. They were much relieved, and ate all the maguro-sashimi themselves ever after.

He galloped around the bedroom after imaginary mice. He howled at the glassdoors,where he is not permitted exit. He pushed a plastic Fruit-Loops-Toucan cup off the counter,and was scolded asmuch for its shattering sound as for the fact that "cats don't go on the counter". He played with the blue string,leaping and hissing, claws out. He chased The Girl around the house, but was dismayed by her shrieks. He conceded, and asked for a stomach rub.

They fell asleep,wrapped in the soft, acrylic blanket decorated with a giant maple leaf and the legend,running across it in bold letters, "Canada".

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