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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It's the worst thing that has happened in a long time. Ken Giddens died. He was one of my favorite humans, and my all-time favorite employer and collaborator and partner in not-crime, although sometimes he made it feel deliciously naughty to write website copy and make websites fly to the top of the Google ratings. He was a genius, and a really nice guy and I miss him so... I have dreamed about him, and had little fantasies that maybe he didn't die, just got tired of it all and did a runner to Tahiti under an assumed name. I wish he had done that instead of spending his last days at the Kaiser ICU where I'm sure that suntanned girls in sarongs never brought him Mai Tais. That's the way Ken should spend eternity: on a warm, delightful pink, powder-sand beach where all the women are beautiful and all the men can mix a decent drink.

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