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Thursday, November 04, 2004

New Day

Someday soon, maybe I will write something about fascism, but tonight I am too depressed and disbelieving. I cannot accept that my countrymen would rather be "led" by someone with a subnormal IQ and a mandate from a decidedly weird god than by, oh, nearly anyone else. I would prefer to think it is yet another fraud, but considering what's happened to the US educational system in the past several years, why wouldn't the general population choose a political leader who reflects their own ignorance?

A larger part of me is elated to be living in a place that lets me ignore post-election rhetoric and focus on things like how to turn on the well pump after the power has gone out.There are few sounds more reassuring than that of the toilet filling with water.

A warmish,rainy day was superceded by a cold, windy night and a star-studded ceiling. Fired up the woodstove, chased the cat around the house (he likes that), and worked on the current e-book. I've done 28 pages--only about a hundred and fifty to go!

Now I wonder, if I wanted to put an RSS to someone else's blog, how would I go about it? I think I just paste in the code, like a URL...Maybe tomorrow, I'll try it and see.

That election troubles me, although I remind myself that Rome wasn't built in a day. Corruption by nature takes a certain amount of time, and all civilizations (let's use this world loosely and without any of its moral overtones) go through cycles of growth and decay. Still, it is worrisome, when such a big noise starts to become a big smell...

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