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Friday, June 11, 2010

Tired of Waiting for a Print Publisher! Smashwords to the Rescue!

It's strange to be in on the beginning of a major trend, and if replacing paper-and-print books with e-literature isn't a trend, I don't know what is!(And I'm the one who brought the off-the-shoulder sweatshirt to Humboldt County in 1990. It was quite the fad at the community college!)

The late, great Ken Giddens predicted the time would come when people would buy their books online and read virtual copies.After dithering awhile, I looked at the stats on e-book sales and decided to e-publish my (now) e-novel in the e-lectronic world, and let the microchips fall where they may! Enter Smashwords, an e-publisher with generous terms, reasonable requirements and a HUGE book list!

 Saving trees is one part of the story. Dropping print publishers (who, let's face it, do less and less for authors every year) and starting out on one's own to market an e-book is pretty exciting stuff (except the marketing part!) And finally, Mikki Madigan has a chance to pursue her destiny, instead of sitting around on my hard drive (or languishing in the inbox of a hundred publishing assistants, who, frankly, all have their own books to promote at work and can't be bothered with mine).

The Story...

Mikki Madigan, eight years old, wakes to an explosion that rocks her right out of bed. The house is empty--and a gaping hole still smokes! Soon she finds her family has gone missing, leaving only a brief note and her mother's gold ring. Kidnapped by minions of the evil Queen Belissa of Draconia, Mikki's parents and brother are being held captive, and only Mikki, with the help of Queen Ariel and the brave knight Sir Bandall, can save them. Follow Mikki on her quest--one that involves warring fairy tribes, giant insects, how "ordinary" girls learn to fly and a family secret that can only be told in...

Escape from Draconia: Mikki Madigan's First Adventure

Follow this link and scroll down (picking your favourite format--see on the right hand side of the page, under Available E-Book Reading Formats) to read the first 25% of Escape from Draconia: Mikki Madigan's First Adventure

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